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CodePlay 2006

Posted by mmugdc on November 22, 2006

Date: 9 December 2006

Time: 9am-1pm

Venue: Computing Lab (CR3050) *note change

Language: C++/ActionScript/Java

Participation: Solo or Pairs

Category: Level A – Alpha & Beta | Level B – Gamma & Delta Merged *note change

Prize: 1st RM 200 | 2nd RM 100 | 3rd RM 50

Registeration: Contact Kuan at 017-8201228 or Y!M kuan_zal or Download the Form then email it to (Register now to get a FREE exclusive CodePlay T-Shirt !)

Detailed Info:

CodePlay is a game programming competition which emphasize gameplay/mechanics rather than graphic, music, or the interactivity of a game.

Participants are free to use either C++/java/action script to code the game and there is no special advantage for any language since this competition is judged by the gameplay/mechanics (some people might think that action script have more advantage in graphic and UI.) Participants are recommended to join as a team of two although some might prefer to join as solo coder.

CodePlay is a 3 hours only competition. Participants will be tested with one question only. The question is a board game (subject to change) with several rules to follow. Participants need to code the game with application of the rules given. Even if some rules are not followed, make sure the game is playable. Judging is based on the number of rules that the participants managed to compromise. (eg. Chess Game. Chess has pieces with different movements, so of course there will be the “Movement Rule”. There are also the Turn Base Rule and Checkmate Rule too.)

Participants may choose to code the program from scratch or with a provided skeleton. Not to worry, the judges will make sure the competition is fair. We expecte console application for c++/java coders and simple rectangle/circle movieclip by action script coders. It is up to the participants if they wish to improve the graphic or interaction (mouse click in C++) but we recommend to spend more time in coding the mechanics itself. If there is TIE, (same number of rules or finished game), then the judges will judge according to the coding style and effective of code/algorithm but NOT the graphics or interaction. The Judges are Mr.Wong Yap Ping & Mr.John See.

Note: Participants are allowed to use Dev-cpp, codeblock for C++ | Eclipse, Jcreator for Java | Flash MX for ActionScript

Downloads: CodePlay Wallpapers


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Magic The Gathering Tournament (Type 2)

Posted by mmugdc on November 20, 2006

There will be a Standard (Type 2) Magic: the Gathering tournament next Monday. Details:

Date: 27 November 2006
Time: 7.30pm – 12am
Venue: TBA

Registration fees: None
Format: Standard constructed. Only cards from these sets are allowed:

Ravnica: City of Guilds
Time Spiral
9th Edition

Contact: Y!M shien_maru

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Posted by mmugdc on November 19, 2006

To all gamers, in case you are sleeping, there is this incredible game service called JumboPlay 

With just RM 19.90 per month you can download unlimited games from JumboPlay!  You might be thinking that I’m lying, to prove that I’m right go to the website now and register for the Trial to play for real.  The best thing about JumboPlay service is that you can play the game while downloading it! Which means you are actually streaming the game while playing, how smart!

Note: Usability test measure the usability of the object for it is a way to measure how well people can use human-made object such as a webpage or an interface for its intended purpose. 

Ok, the story goes like this:

On the 19th of November, 6 volenteers from GDC were at DragonBack Media to perform a usability test on  

The volenteers were welcomed by Josh Galloway. To those who came to the Game Design Workshop will remember Josh Galloway (co-founder of DragonBack Media Interactive). The test started off by filling in some surveys, then all the volunteers were flimed during the process from subscribing -> downloading the game -> playing  the game. Later, the volunteers gathered in the conference room to have a focus group on JumboPlay site. The day ended with a Pizza Fest.  

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Magic The Gathering: Sealed Deck Tournament

Posted by mmugdc on November 17, 2006

Date: 20 November 2006
Time: 8pm – 12am
Venue: CR2044

Format: Time Spiral block sealed deck (5x Time Spiral boosters)
Registration fee:
Register before 15 Nov – RM50
Register on 16 Nov and after – RM55
On-site registration available, but not advisable.

Fees include cost for product.

1st: 4 TS boosters
2nd: 3 TS boosters
3rd: 2 TS boosters
4th: 1 TS boosters
Consolation prizes for the rest. 

Contact Y!M – shien_maru.

For those who have registered, I’d appreciate if you could pay the fees in advance.

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MSC: IP Creators Challenge Series

Posted by mmugdc on November 17, 2006

More and more exicting MSC’s IP Creators Challenge Series have arrived! RM 15,000 to be won!

If you are a crazy comic artist and drool for creative mobile content, visit these links:

MSC Malaysia Digital Comic Competition 2006

MSC Malaysia Mobile Content Competition 2006

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MSC: Computer Game Design Competition 2006

Posted by mmugdc on November 17, 2006

The competition, first of its kind by MDeC, is aimed at attracting game developers and publishers in coming out with creative, innovative and fully-playable PC games. Three winners will be awarded RM50,000 each to fund the development of their game proposal into a fully developed and playable electronic game.

For more info click here

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MSC Malaysia Computer Game Design Competition 2006 Workshop

Posted by mmugdc on November 10, 2006

FREE ADMISSION ! Calling all interested participants to attend a 1-day Game Workshop
Thursday 23rd November, 2006
KLCC Convention Centre
09:00am – 17:30am
Rooms 406 & 407 – Breakfast, Tea Break and Lunch (Level 4)
Rooms 408 & 409 – Workshop (Level 4)
FREE ADMISSION ! Seats are limited. Please register early to confirm your attendance.
Email to or for registration.

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From Malaysia To Manila

Posted by mmugdc on November 4, 2006

The IBM-Annual Code Match (ACM) is an annual programming competition among teams of students from all around the world.

Congratulations to the MMU teams: SJK and Cannibals! Although they did not win the competition but they were the 1st MMU teams to make it into Manila.

There stood our very own GDC Vice President, Yuan Kuan (3rd from the right).

IBM-MMU ACM 2006 Champion: SJK

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