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[GDC] MMU Closed DOTA, CS Tournament <updated>

Posted by mmugdc on August 12, 2008

MMU Game Developers Club (GDC) is back with a big event held annually, which is the MMU Closed DOTA, CS tournament.

Now is the chance for DOTA and CS players to show off your skills.

MMU Closed DOTA and CS tournament will be held as shown below:

Date: 23/8/2008 (Saturday)
Time: 10am
Venue: FITAR1001 & FITAR1003

Game selection:
We have two games that you can register for which is DOTA and CS.

*Note: You are not allowed to register for two games because both games will be held at the same time.

– Participants must be MMU’s students since it is a closed
– Participants have to register in a team of 5 members.
– The leader of the team can represent your team to register for this tournament. (make sure you have 5 members in your team and get all your members info, eg: Name, ID, Contact No and E-mail address)

Registration fees:
– RM 4 per person (member price)
– RM 6 per person (non-member price)

For non-members:
– RM 2 will be charged for registration as a GDC member, because you have to be a GDC member as you join this tournament.
(So total up is RM 2 + RM 4 = RM 6, for non-member)
*We only open 16 teams for DOTA and 16 teams for CS. So please hurry to register yourself.

1st prize  — RM 200        (For DOTA and CS)
2nd prize — RM 100        (For DOTA and CS)

MMU Closed DOTA and CS tournament is now open for registration.
Please kindly register through email.

*Your email should be sent to:

For more information please visit our website:

*SAPS point will be given if you join this tournament!

Thank you.

Director: Cadrick Loh (
Asst.Director: Chung Farn Kien (

“Inspiring Talent, Creating Passion”

GDC Homepage:

Game Developers Club
Multimedia University
Cyberjaya Campus


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