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[GDC] Card and Board Games Gathering #7

Posted by mmugdc on August 23, 2008

To all fellow students of MMU:

For those who are interested in card and board games, we welcome all to try out all the games available here and we don’t mind if you are a member or not, as long as you enjoy yourselves. We would also teach you guys on how to play and know the rules of the games if you are interested.

Board and card games available:
– Risk
– Settlers of Catan
– Blockus
– Acquire
– World of Warcraft
– Zooloretto
and many more…

Details of the gathering is stated below:

Date : 26/8/2008 (Tuesday)
Time : 8:00pm
Venue: FITCR1003

***Refreshments will be provided!!

Hope to see y’all soon. Game on!!

“Inspiring Talent, Creating Passion”

GDC Homepage:

Game Developers Club
Multimedia University
Cyberjaya Campus


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