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[GDC] MMU Closed DOTA Tournament Report

Posted by mmugdc on August 28, 2008

The long awaited MMU Closed Tournament has successfully ended on Saturday! Thanks to the organizing committees that brought a wonderful time to the participants!!

The DOTA tournament had 13 groups competing, started at 10am sharp. Everyone came for the same purpose: matching their playing skills with others.

The event went on in 2 rooms: FITAR1001 and FITAR1003.

Some gamers brought their own ‘fighting weapons’—their own keyboard, mouse, mousepad and themselves, of coz! 😛

The winners sat there to wait for the next opponent, while some of them were still discussing about their last game to sharpen their skills and strategies.

The gamers carried on after their lunch (supposed to play better with full tummy, I guess, hehe).

Finally after many exciting and magnificent games, we have the champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up. They are SS, Makanan, and Food! (what’s the difference between ‘makanan’ and ‘food’ btw?? Lolz)

Champion: SS

1st Runner-up: Makanan

2nd Runner-up: Food

The event ended with a prize giving ceremony and everyone was satisfied. But for the losers, don’t give up and sharpen your skills for next year!

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