MMU Game Developers Club

G-A-M-E. Growth, Awareness, Motivation, Encouragement.

About Us

Game Developers Club

The Mantra: G-A-M-E. Growth, Awareness, Motivation, Encouragement.

The Game Developers Club was formed by a few Software Engineering and Game Design students in the year 2004 to bring together students from all walks of life and from all faculties in the gaming world, as well as game-development field.

GDC has served as a gathering place for all who are interested and passionate about electronic games. GDC had been organizing fun activities which provide awareness by encouraging the members. The Club believes that all GDC members are passionate about game development and as well as gaming and that is why GDC also acts as a motivational organization to keep the fire burning. The most satisfying to be a GDC member is to witness the growth of every member.

The Club has been rapidly expanding and the number of members increasing every year. GDC started with 50 members and in the second year the number increased to 80. GDC are very proud to have a whopping number of 200 members this year.

The Game Developers Club is divided into two divisions:

1) Game Development Division

2) Gaming Division

Game Development Division

The Mantra: Awareness through encouragement


– To introduce students the modern game industry

– To educate students about the ins and outs of game development

– To encourage students to be aware of the game industry

– To uncover talents and potential future game developers and leaders

Milestone: Game Development Team

Gathering all the grass-roots community who wishes to create a game in a team.

– The team will then create their own game to be showcased in the Future Game Creators Seminar and as well as in the Game Fest.

– The presence of these teams will create awareness and also encouragement for those isolated individuals who wish to create their own games or setting up a game company.





-Focus groups


Gaming Division

The Mantra: Healthy Gaming Habits


-To spread the fun and joy of gaming to everybody.

-To promote gaming as a healthy lifestyle.

-To introduce and promote the Electronic Sports concept.

-To demolish the typical stereotype of gamers among masses.

-To educate gamers about the importance of healthy gaming habit.

Milestone: Gaming Team Project

-A unique root-level project that will gather the best of MMU Cyberjaya electronic sports talent

-The team will be groomed to a semi-professional standard to attract partners/sponsors just like an established electronic sports organization locally and around the globe.

-The team will compete at tournaments around Klang Valley.

-The presence of the team at the tournaments/events will promote Game Developers Club, MMU Cyberjaya students and partners/sponsors.




-Focus groups


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