MMU Game Developers Club

G-A-M-E. Growth, Awareness, Motivation, Encouragement.

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For all your enquiries, please email to us at:


Lee Xing Yao

Vice President
Cadrick Loh Yee Liang

Sam Chin Jack Han

Jeff Cheah Chee Siang

        Asst. Treasurer
Chee Yik Liang

Event Director (Gaming)
Eddie Leong Kum Hon

        Asst. Event Director (Gaming)
        Aaron Tiw Xianjie

Event Director (GameDev)
Yeap You Win

        Asst. Event Director (GameDev) 1
        Wong Liang Keat

        Asst. Event Director (GameDev) 2
        Lai Chun Leng

Head of Publicity
Jay Chong Yen Jye

        Asst. of Publicity 1
        Mindy Wong Yin Li

        Asst. of Publicity 2
        Khor Shuqi

        Asst. of Publicity 3
        Bao Zhi Ling

Human Resources
Ow Yu Hung

        Asst. Human Resources
        Teoh Jie Hong

Su Tze Wei

        Asst. Webmaster 1
        Khong Wai Howe

        Asst. Webmaster 2
        Choong Chi Yuen

        Asst. Webmaster 3
        Arvin S Inthiran

        Asst. Webmaster 4
        Khor Hao Ming

        Tan Choon Cheak

        Cheng Khai Wen

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