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[GDC] Dev Gathering 2 Game Engines Tech Demo

Posted by mmugdc on August 28, 2008

In case you’re wondering what Dev Gathering is about, Dev Gathering is the gathering for Developers to discuss anything about Games Development. It could be held weekly or biweekly, as announcements will be made through bulletin post and email.

In this second gathering, we’re going to do some demos of game engines. Details of the gathering as below:

Topic: Game Engine Tech Demo
Audience: Programmers, Developers
Requirement: A little bit of programming knowledge

Date: 04-09-2008 (Thursday)
Time: 08:30pm
Venue: FIT CR 3001

Moderator: Lee Xing Yao
Demonstrator: Chua Meng Wei(Ex-President), YouWin(Director of Development)

You are encouraged to bring your own laptops and perhaps your incomplete/completed games that you have created, to share with us in the gathering. For more details, please contact:

Lee Xing Yao

See you there!

“Inspiring Talent, Creating Passion”

GDC Homepage:

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[GDC] Dev Gathering 1 Report

Posted by mmugdc on July 18, 2008

The first Games Development Gathering, or simply known as Dev Gathering, was held for the first time on the 16th of July 2008. By 8pm, only a few people came, so we waited for a few minutes and only then did we get a crowd.

So once everyone had settled down, Lee Xing Yao, the club’s president, gave his speech. He introduced about the purpose of this gathering and other details. The main idea of this gathering is to gather people who have the same interests in developing games and create a group to manage a project together.

Anyway, we also invited a special guest, Buzz, to share his experiences in games development. Buzz is an ex-MMU student, and is now in the industry working as a game developer. He wanted to show some of his games, but because we don’t have the room’s computer admin privileges, he couldn’t install his games. What a pity!! But nevertheless, thanks to YouTube, he still managed to show some videos of the games he created. It really looked fun!!

After that, it was Xing Yao’s turn to ahem, show off! So he downloaded some of his OWN games from his OWN website and showed it to us. Everything was made in Flash and it was really impressive what Flash (and also Xing Yao) can do!

The gathering then ended at about 9.45pm. Those who were interested in forming their own development groups however mingled around to discuss their own projects. We hoped everyone enjoyed this gathering and we will hold more of this gathering depending on the need. So, game on!!

“Inspiring Talent, Creating Passion”

GDC Homepage:

Game Developers Club
Multimedia University
Cyberjaya Campus

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