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Get your copy of Codeplay!

Posted by mmugdc on January 15, 2007

GDC decided to share CodePlay question to all! Get your pdf copy here.

 A sneak preview of the question:

Title: PoNé Game

Story: There was a rich kid by the name of Nauk called all best programmers in the world to code his game design into a computer playable game. He was so arrogant that he listens to no one. He’ll just say: “No Questions on the game design!” whenever someone told him that his game is not balanced. Therefore, the programmers did what he said and the best program will be rewarded by cash money!

PoNé Game is a game about numbers. It’s a 2 player game where one player always plays the positive number while the other player plays the negative numbers. Each player can manipulate his own number as long as the number belongs to his side (positive or negative) and move it according to the rules.

There will be 4 types of rules to be implemented. Basic, Movement, Special and Bonus rules. Participants must implement all the basic rules before proceeding to other rules. Else, no marks will be given to other rules. The participant who is able to get the highest marks by implementing the given rules will be the winner.

Basic Rules
– 2 players: Player 1 called Popo, player 2 called Nene. Popo can only manipulate positive numbers while Nene only plays with the negative numbers. [1m]
– Turn-based: Each player has 1 move per turn. Ex: Popo move, Nene move, End of turn. [1m]
– Layout of the board: 10 rows x 10 columns board. Display the board after every move…


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CodePlay Results are Out!

Posted by mmugdc on January 9, 2007

CodePlay 2006 had come to an end. The result day was held at the Graphics Lab on the 28th of December which is also the birthday of GDC’s VP, Yuan Kuan. “Happy Belated Birthday, Kuan!”

List of participants and winners:


Name Language Used
1 Lim Leong Kee ActionScript
2 Chua Meng WeiFong Jian key C++
3 Khor Shuqi ActionScript

Noorulamry Daud C++

Chin Mei SanThe Joo Hoong [Team Bishop] C++

Tan Woon Tzer ActionScript





We thank all the CodePlay 2006 participants, judges and also our generous sponsors MDeC, MyGo Solutions and as well as our FIT Dean Dr Ewe.

 “I’m really happy everyone had enjoyed the competition very much. I thank every participant that joined the competition, also not forgetting the judges and also the working committees. Without your generous support, the competition would be nothing but a bunch of unsolved questions.

The man behind this competition is actually our VP, Kuan. He is the guy who always wanted to organize such competition. When he proposed to me that he wanted to organize a game programming competition, I asked him “How is a game programming competition like?”.

Seriously, none of us had any idea what the heck was it, but everyone wanted to organize this competition. There weren’t even a single competition that we could imitate from. No harm being the first and no harm doing it without referrals. We cracked our heads to even think what would the questions be? What about the marking scheme? The format? The rules? There are too much to do… we were like kids playing in the sandbox. We searched for the club’s advisor, Mr. Wong Ya Ping for help. The competition is so unique it even attracted Mr. John See to join as a judge of the competition. In the end, it all turned out well. Please do give your feedbacks and suggestions in our website and forum.” – Iris Lim, GDC President.

“How codeplay question come into life? I started to wondered how an actual game programming competition would looks like. There are several game programming competitions out there that last 2 days, weeks, and even months! But for codeplay, it is expected to complete within 3 to 4 hours.

Game is built up of complicated computer program which the least consist of display, mechanics, input from use and logic. But what questions should we set to be able to test out game mechanics skills and code all those lines of code in just 4 hours? The question must be fit enough, and fun enough. With much referrals and researches, we agreed on a question based on a simple 2D array board game which just emphasize on game mechanics and logic where the GUI and Input are not taken into account. Setting requirements was the first thing to do. Thanks to all the participants, committees, judges and the FIT dean to make this happen.” – Yuan Kuan, Vice President of GDC.

“I want to congratulate the team for successfully organizing this. We value the activities from GDC very much. Happy New Year!” – Dr Ewe, FIT Dean.

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Happy New Year!

Posted by mmugdc on January 4, 2007

It is a new year!

And this year is a very exciting year for GDC. Here’s a message from the president:

Ok, back in 2006, GDC had opened new roads to a lot of things. The 1st Game Creators Seminar, the 1st game programming competition, Codeplay and the 1st Game Design Workshop. All I can say is, these events are very important for future game development. We had gatherings during 1st sem but we had none for 2nd sem.

We didn’t have anything much for Gaming in general. All we had was competitions and tournaments going on… and what we achieved is just all on the pro-gaming side. There weren’t any gatherings at all.

As for community building, the forum was very active during the 1st sem but it slowed down a lot during 2nd sem and because of that our forum was spammed. The new GDC website is up; working fine, looking good… we are very happy about that. Yahoo Groups is only for very important announcement.

This is the 3rd year since the club is born… I think you guys must have already known what I meant by that… all of us will do our best in the new year. I strongly believe that all of us are in the right way to achieve the club’s constitution.”

Ok, so that was last year and GDC also have New Year resolutions.

1. Keeping the forum active
2. Continue the bi-weekly gathering
3. GameFest, Make it big
4. Future Game Creators Seminar, better than last year

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